[solved] What type of drug testing does smart and final use?

smoke weed types Question by champion1: What type of drug testing does smart and final use?
Just found out that I’m going to be drug tested when I come in for the interview. I have about 5 days before the test and I just smoked a day ago so I’m trying to figure out what type of test they employ so that I can figure out how hard I need to detox. Thanks for your help.


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Answer by AmandaCat
Different companies use different drug screening. Best tip: since weed stays in you system for 30 days (just after a few bowls), don’t smoke.

Some companies test for just opiates, benzoids and THC, others go so far as to test for GBH (forget initials) to see how much booze you drink (and that test is ridiculously inaccurate.)

My advice: drink lots of water now and TONS day of test. Then there would be relatively low, if any, detectable, THC in your system (and if they are smart and LEGAL) they will ask you and you say “yeah, over the holiday I was at a family gathering and some of my uncles and aunts were smoking for “old times sakes.”

You could try some things at GNC, but be careful: many don’t work and lots are actually harmful AND people also test for those.

Please: pot is so much less harmful than Valium, booze and surely shouldn’t be treated like coke, meth or opiates. Let’s just make it legal and get a thriving business booming in US!!!

As far as “gateway drug,” how about we take it out of the hands of “dealers” and put it into the hands of industry: most people move on from weed to other drugs not because of Reefer Madness but just because the people selling them weed want to make more money by selling them higher priced drugs… ANSWER: LOTS.

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  1. Get your mom or friend to pee in a zip lock bag(given they are clean) and shove it down your pants and use it for the test.

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