[solved] How to keep a shrub or bush from growing back every year?

quick growing weeds Question by Icingonthecake: How to keep a shrub or bush from growing back every year?
My husband and I bought a house a little over a year ago and we have tons of unwanted shrubs and vines growing near our garage. We cut them down all the way to the stump thinking they would just die out, well they grew back this year, bigger then ever. Is there a quick fix to kill them and keep them from growing back. (other then digging the stump out)

While I’m at it, any know of something great for keeping unwanted weeds and vines from growing back as well?


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Answer by NXile
A good dose (or several) of Roundup when foilage is visible should kill them off. Shrubs don’t really have much of a root structure, so digging them out wouldn’t be so bad and it would be a quicker solution.

Roundup works on everything that grows.

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  1. Cut them out to a few inches below the ground level and make sure what’s left is well covered. A pruning saw that you don’t mid wrecking a bit is good for cutting away things under the ground without having to dig a big hole to get at the roots. With many shrubs, if they get any light at all they will come back. Same for many other things. Yank them out when they’re small, get rid of any debris, perhaps cover the area with plastic or landscape fabric for a year. Some plants, and vines especially, will grow back from root sections left in the ground so clean up well. If you can find out the names of what you’re dealing with, that can help you find out the best way to eliminate them.

  2. I have had some success with really stubborn shrubs/roots with this method: try digging (pointed shovel) completely around the base of the plant just deep enough to get a little bit under the plant base with the point of the shovel, in order to loosen it a bit. Then flood the base with water (this will make further loosening of the base a little easier and will help you to get at the major roots (dig a little deeper with the pointed shovel to get at those). Once you have found the main roots, lop right through them with a long-handled pruning shear. With a little persistence you should be able to pull the main shrub out once you have lopped off the main roots from the plant. Sometimes I use a handsaw to get into a “trunk” sort of root (sounds like your “stumps”). Then kill the plant by pouring something caustic (I usually use straight bleach) right INTO the roots/trunk (sort of as if you were trying to “feed” it bleach). I know this sounds like a lot of work, but I have killed many unwelcome plants this way. AS for the comment that shrubs don”t have roots that go very deep, I really disagree… it totally depends on the plant.

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