Sims 2 How To Smoke Weed

This is what I did when I was home sick and boered, lol, the link is only given to subscribers or friends in a private message :) enjoy! I use sony vegas pro 8 way easier and better than WMM lol, ironic! DONT FORGET TO TRY OUT FOR MY NEW SERIES JUST FRIENDS!
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25 thoughts on “Sims 2 How To Smoke Weed

  1. @iamChenry o. o I wasn’t trying to be rude. I was just saying. And even if I did pay attention I didn’t see that he/she used a mod. o . o. It’s my opinion. Everyone else has theirs, but when their opinion is good or if someone likes it, they thumbs up, But If I say my opinion or something they don’t like they be rude. Well if they don’t like the words that come out of my mouth they sure as hell wont like what I’m thinking o. o

  2. I don’t want to waste my life on smoking weed, pot, herb, marjuwana, ecstasy, and all that other shit, why do it? When I’ve got better things In life to do?

  3. @DonBaldy Um Excuse me? I’m more real then you’ll ever be, Sweetie, and you’ll consider shutting the fuck up, too :) If you are a bit of real, you wouldn’t sit your fat ass down and fight with a fourteen year old ;)

  4. Respond to this video… P.S There’s no way in hell The Sims2 Peoeple can smoke weed, I’ve played the game ever since I was four not for PC but for Playstation, I played it for PC when it first came out, so :) Keep dreaming.

  5. @DonBaldy Um no sweetheart i’m fourteen (14) your the 40 year old loser, who gets stoned every second of your life, And Its say yes to tacos and fuck no to drugs, so keep doing what you’re doing and die, and I’m not gonna feel bad for you either, it was my opinion don’t like it, tell someone who cares :)

  6. @8thday100 you must be some 12 yr old loser, when i was 11 i liked/talked to people who did drugs and drinked alcohol. Most people just go with the preppy fucks, if you are any bit of real then you’ll consider something that you are and came from.

  7. @IronicAtheist Haha. No problem, man. Yeah, that is interesting. I don’t smoke pot or anything, but that’s neat to know. I’m interested in the science, you know? =) Haha. I’m such a nerd, it’s pathetic.

  8. @RushindanoDensetsu Yea that’s it! thanks for reminding me! also scientific studies show an interesting fact about marijuana: did you know apparently weed activates certain parts of the brain that are unused otherwise, it is still unknown as to what those parts of the brain do… but i thought it was some interesting food for thought…

  9. @RushindanoDensetsu Indeed it is, when your just some random dude, but take medical marijuana for example, it is actually better for you to smoke it with chemicals, only if it’s ACTUALLY medical though… because then it has chemicals accepted by the… well i forgot the name of them but those guys who make sure something medicine related is acceptable…

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