25 thoughts on “Dragnet Jack Webb “Alcohol VS. Marijuana & LSD” Great Speech

  1. The reason this propaganda is spread is because the likes of cannabis and
    lsd open your eyes to society, if you gave every soldier a ‘stick of
    marijuana’ or a tab they would start loving people and wouldn’t want to
    kill because of a false flag anymore, if you did the same for the police
    they would recognise government corruption at all levels, if you did it for
    society they would overthrow the government because of the suddenly clear
    truth of the system, these substances cause pacifists and peace in society,
    which the government will have you refer to as idiots, addicts and stoners
    so that they look bad, drugs were always in nature, its our society that
    banned them, no alcoholic ever discovered deep meanings and truths, because
    it kills 500,000 people a year and weed killed nobody.

    Lets face it, War is profitable, illness is profitable, Hollywood is
    profitable, alcohol kills, cannabis doesn’t, it is medicinal and
    cures/eases cancer, why would they want the big pharma to go bust as well
    as the opium and oil war in the middle east?

    Keep em drinkin’, keep em watchin, keep em busy, keep em stupid.
    If I want to explore my consciousness then that is my choice as a free
    human being, I don’t force others to, so why force me? Western society is a
    joke, it is the only place on earth that puts a ban on nature to use
    synthetic drugs. what a joke! 

  2. “That judgement returns when you sober up”. Oh, is that true Jack?; Mr. pot
    calling the kettle an alcoholic. I like his attitude but his perspective
    was not quite accurate in hindsight. If he had taken into account societal
    norms for drug abuse he wouldn’t necessary have made that comparison. But
    what else do you do when binge drinking and smoking cigarettes were totally
    mainstream in the 1960′s? If he were alive today I think he would have
    adjusted his views somewhat.

  3. But you know, this was the 60′s; his whole “I’m the expert here, your
    opinion is totally invalid” defense was a product of the era when people
    didn’t realize their government was a lot more corrupt than they would care
    to admit. So they gave the authorities total benefit of the doubt. Which as
    is demonstrated in this clip, pretty much saturated popular culture. Kind
    of makes me sick watching it in hindsight. So people didn’t ask questions
    about drug policy in the mainstream.

  4. I guess the point I”m trying to make is that despite Jack’s intent; that he
    is an infallible moral authority, you can’t still hold that viewpoint. He
    is a flawed human being like the rest of us; a product of the subjective
    moral code of his time. We’ve learned quite a bit since about both cannabis
    and LSD since then and are able to call out out government propaganda such
    as this with relative ease. This is why I resent people that insist they
    are 100% correct, because they aren’t.

  5. Bullship about marijuana use leading to other drugs. If that’s the case
    they should ban mother’s milk because that leads to EVERYTHNG!

  6. Also, marijuana is proven to have nothing in it that makes it a gateway
    drug, part of the effects can convince some people to try LSD, DMT, Shrooms
    and sometimes Ecstasy, this is because marijuana can open your mind to
    reality in a different way. It does not lead to Heroin usage. Obviously
    most people who use Heroin started with weed. A high percentage of people
    in general started with weed.

  7. Geeze he got kinda mean there at the end…..didn’t usually see that much
    emotion from him…he didn’t really BELIEVE the stuff he spouted did he????

  8. YES indeed — I’m no user of drugs, but there’ve been TONS more deaths (and
    health probs) in the past vs. heroin overdoses in the past 50 years. My
    father died of a stroke at age 48 — why so young? He smoked filter-less
    Lucky Strikes and drank beer as if Prohibition had just been repealed.

  9. According to Sgt. Friday’s wisdom, alcoholism does/must not exist. “that
    judgement returns when you sober up”? Yeah, right — how many annual deaths
    from drunk driving vs. deaths from heroin overdoses? How many jobs and
    lives down the toilet because of Demon Rum, Mr. Booze?

  10. Each night after shooting Dragnet, Jack Webb would hold court in his
    Universal Studios bungalow, slugging down Crown Royal with his cronies. The
    booze (and the several packs a day cigarette habit) led to his early death
    at 62. Can’t help thinking that if the dude had sparked a J just one time,
    he’d have ditched the booze, and wouldn’t have been so goddamned uptight in
    the final seasons of Dragnet. He might even have smiled once in a while,
    like he did in the black and white seasons of the ’50s.

  11. “Marijuana is the flame. Heroin is the fuse. LSD is the bomb!”

    Dragnet Jack Webb “Alcohol VS. Marijuana & LSD” Great Speech

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