24 thoughts on “Aquaponic Cannabis

  1. yeah i cant wait to move to a medical state. def going to integrate marijuana into any permaculture/microponics/aquaponics projects i do.

  2. okay i didn’t read the other comments so just ignore me if this has already been answered, but what did the other plants yeild. how many grams/watt did you yield

  3. DId you ever think to feed the fish whole hemp seed. I’m sure that would only add to the quality of the end product rather than feeding it scraps such as bread

  4. your spot on. it is the best flavor in the world when it comes to veggies. this is also the case when it comes to the smoke.. :)

  5. I was growing aquaponic veggies like spinich, silvebeet, lettuce and the taste was just amazing, so clean and just divine.
    Never ever have it had such tasty vegetables in my life.

    I think this would translate to marijuana

  6. This looks very useful, but it would be a LOT better as plain text and images on a website/forum. Is it published anywhere in a more universal/usable format? Thanks :)

  7. if i bought this aqua-gem

    dealextreme . c o m /p/color-nutrient-and-moisturizing-crystal-magic-soil-5-pack-hydroponic-11582

    and soaked it in nutrients then placed a few around the roots would this give my plants the nutes with out killin the fish?

  8. because the chemicals will go into your plants and ultimately you will take them in, whether you smoke or eat (depends what youre growing). natural and organic if you use fish. after the system gets going properly then it will explode. the plants will grow like mad. you can always buy extra NATURAL nutrients which will make the plants thrive even more, and are cheaper and better than shitty chems. do some research into aquaponics and you will see what i mean.

  9. because those chemicals are expensive as hell. the initial price of fish is much less then the first batch of things u need for growing hydroponically. let alone u have to buy those every month. the fish will last years

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